SRKRC has license to supply following blood products :

1. Packed Red Cells (Red Cell Concentrate) :
  "This product is indicated in anemia and for the patients having blood loss during surgery, due to accidents, because of the obstetric and gynecological complications etc.
2. Platelet Concentrate :
  This product is required for patients suffering from bleeding disorders. SRKRC staff prepares random donor and single donor platelets (SDP). SDP are obtained on Cell Separator machine using apheresis procedure.
3. Fresh Frozen Plasma (FFP) :
  Patients having liver disorders and bleeding disorders mainly need FFP.
4. Cryoprecipitate :
  Cryoprecipitate or anti-hemophilic factor is required for hemophilia patients having coagulation factor VIII deficiency. It is also useful to save life of the patient suffering from disseminated coagulation disorder (DIC)
5. Whole Human Blood :
  Use of whole blood (WB) is now replaced by components due to many disadvantages associated with WB. Clinicians demand WB for exchange transfusion and cases of accident/surgery where major blood loss is expected. However, in such cases also use of RCC and FFP is now encouraged.

Blood Processing Fee

Surat Raktadan Kendra & Research Centre
This processing charges are according to a letter No: S12016/01 2012- NACO (NBTC) dated 12th February 2014 issued by Department of Aids Control Ministry of Health & Family Welfare , Govt of India.
Sr. Type of Service (Rs.)
1 By presenting "Voluntary Donator's Card" 1200/-
2 Total Processing Charge 1450/-

Rs. 30 should be charged extra for Blood Transfusion Set with Blood
In more, rate of blood products as under
Sr. Type of Blood Product Rs.
1 FFP 700/-
2 Platelate Concentate 700/- 
3 Cryoprecipitate  500/-
4 Charge for 20 to 100 ml of RCC/WB 500/-
5 Extra charge for demanding of Leukoreduced Product (Plt, Rcc) 300/-
6 SDP charge  10000/-
 7 X-Match Charg (Non Refundable)   100/-
8 Irediyeteda blood additional charge:- 7.00 am to 7.00 pm    500/-
9 Take charge of the patient blood sample  20/-
10 blood grouping charge (Manual) 50/-
11 blood grouping charge (Digast) 100/-
12 (DCT) Direct Antiglobulin test charge 100/-
13 DCT & ICT test & Group charge 200/-
14 Ict charge 200/-
15 Civil Hoshpital Patient (WB) 700/-
  Civil Hoshpital Patient (RCC) 600/-
Note : Voluntary donor will get Voluntary donation card which will be valid for one year from the date of blood donation.

Dt. 31 Jan 2016 Deputy Director
Surat Raktadan Kendra & Research Centre
 Refund :
We give refund of Rs. 250 within 48 hours, If voluntary donor brings "Voluntary Donor Card" after full payment of service charge.
No provision of Refund for SDP, but if anybody takes available platelets within five days, then we give refund to relative of first patient after calling him.