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General Information


The students will have to follow the rules framed by the Institute. They will have to be punctual in their attendance. Exam from will be withdrawn if a student does not have 75% attendance in the first term and 80% attendance in second term. A student with less than 75% in the first term will be not be promoted to the second term.

No ragging will be permitted.

Laboratory Rules

White aprons are compulsory during practical. Any breakage/damage should be reported immediately and the same paid for by the student. Students are expected to maintain correct and complete record of practical in journals and have the same corrected at the end of each practical without fail. Journals must be completed, signed and certified at least one month prior to the university examinations.

Library Facility

The library has books and journals relating to the subject of Transfusion Medicine, Modern Blood Banking, Haematology, Immunohaematology, Immunology etc. The library subscribes and receives international / national periodical journals. Internet facility is given to all the students.


The course is run on self financed basis. The support for research and educational activities is provided by the Surat Raktadan Kendra & Research Centre.

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