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The 43 Years Journey Of Surat Raktadan Kendra And Research & Centre

Blood Bank Scenario in the year 1976

Before 43 years any patient in Surat who needed blood had to go to a commercial blood bank. Commercial blood banks took full advantage of this situation and exploited the situation by selling substandard blood collected from poor and diseased professional donor. It was supplied to the needy patient at a variable price depending upon the urgency and availability. The efforts to encourage voluntary blood donations were very few and sporadic. There was no voluntary service organization that could take over this important and critical aspect of healthcare service on a permanent basis in Surat district.

The Founders:

In such a scenario around 1974-75 the idea to establish a voluntary blood bank was mooted by Dr.Pradip K. Desai who was the first qualified pathologist to start his professional service in this area. He was joined in this effort by his friend Dr. Vinod H. Shah ENT Surgeon and Dr.Nikunjlata Tijoriwala , a leading gynaecologist. With the help, inspiration and encouragement from their friends Late Shri Sardar Vazirsing and the then Municipal Commissioner, Shri K. Ramamoorthy.

This noble idea received overwhelming support from every walks of life. As a result very soon likeminded started working in the direction of establishing a Voluntary Blood Bank. The aim was to provide highest quality human blood collected from healthy, disease free, voluntary blood donors with minimum processing charge.

Formation of trust

The constitution was drafted by Shri Ramamoorthy and Shri I. J. Desai with the primary objective to encourage, motivate and support voluntary blood donation and to run an ultramodern blood bank on "not for profit" basis. Their efforts resulted in to registration of charitable trust with the name “SURAT RAKTADAN KENDRA on 1st October 1976. The humble beginning with high aims and objective started in Surat General Hospital with support from Late Shri Kanaiyalal Modi.

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