Working at SRKRC

In our NABH accredited Regional blood centre at Khatodara health center, the staff works in cool, pleasant, hygienic atmosphere. Blood Bank sector works round the clock, 365 days a year. The administration usually functions between 9am to 7pm. But in emergency situation Director and Medical Superintendent could be telephonically approached any time.

A. Blood Bank Wing

Blood Bank reception counter is open 24 hours for welcoming blood donors, accepting demands for blood and issuing corrsmatched blood to hospitals. We generally issue about 100 to 150 red cells units, 50 units of plasma and 25 to 30 units of platelets. Our main reception area has waiting lounge with television for patient's relatives. Waiting area for voluntary blood donors is inside the bank. The main blood bank departments are:

a) Donor complex

This complex consists of Social worker's room, for pre and post donation counseling, medical examination room, Tapping room, aphaeresis room, pantry and refreshment room where voluntary blood donor gets the refreshment after donation of whole blood or donating platelets on cell separator machine.

b) Immunohaematology (Red cell serology) Laboratory

This laboratory works 24 hours and busy performing grouping and crossmatching blood units for patients.

c) Transfusion transmitted diseases testing laboratory

Laboratory staff is engaged in testing blood units for mandatory tests like HIV(1+2) antigen, HBV antigen, hepatitis B antibody, hepatitis C antibody, malaria parasite antigen and RPR test for syphilis. This laboratory also has the responsibility of managing biomedical waste, particularly discarding infected blood units as per the regulations.

d) Blood component separation laboratory

This laboratory has responsibility of preparing blood components with in 6 to 8 hours of collection of donor's blood. We separate about 80 to 90% blood units in various components. Laboratory also undertakes the job of labeling and preservation of blood components at appropriate temperatures.

e) Quality control

We ensure quality system in every department of blood bank. Immunohaematology department participates in External Quality Control, Vellore. TTI testing laboratory is participant in the EQAS conducted by Gujarat State AIDS Control Society. All departments have Quality control protocols as per the requirements of Drugs and Cosmetics act and NABH. We carry out sterility testing of 1% of products. Our blood components also undergo other stringent QC tests required for transfusion of safe blood components to recipients.

B. Administrative Wing

This wing has administration consisting HRD, accounts and purchase departments. Public relation section takes care of preparation of publicity materials required for voluntary donor motivation. We have beautiful auditorium for conducting educational programs in house as well as for other technical personnel. Our management committee meetings are held here. We have blood donation hall for conducting camp in hygienic atmosphere.

C. Academic Wing

In this wing we also have Thalassemia and QC laboratories. In thalassemia laboratory we screen blood samples of students of Veer Narmad South Gujarat University of Beta thalessemia and sickle cell trait. QC laboratory is used for microbiological studies (Culture of Blood Products). We plan to conduct university courses in Transfusion Medicine and Immunohaematology department which is also in this wing.